Privacy and freedom online

Passel Protect is a no-log VPN app designed to keep you private and secure online. Browse the web privately and secure your WiFi connections no matter where you go.

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Protected with one click.

No configuration necessary. At the click of a button Forcefield encrypts all your data, keeping your online activity, identity, and physical location private.

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Unlimited access

With more than 30 countries at your fingertips, experience unrestricted access no matter where you are in the world.

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Serious Security

Protect uses strong AES-256-CBC cipher encryption which is a standard used by governments and militaries around the world.

When you connect, 4096-bit RSA encrypted keys are generated on the fly and sent to your computer over HTTPS. The keys we send to you are never saved and are different every time you connect.

You can also check out our security section for more information.

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With unmatched speeds, unlimited bandwidth and full peer-to-peer support Passel Protect is the last VPN that you’ll ever need. Getting started is super simple.

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